Mechanical services in Gympie

We have become the go-to mechanic for Gympie drivers, as well as for motorists from the Sunshine Coast and as far the Wide Bay and Burnett region.
We provide a variety of specialised services, including:
  • Full suspension service
  • Logbook servicing & diagnostics
  • Fuel pumps & injectors
  • Fuel leak repairs
  • Fuel filter installations & maintenance
  • Intercooler kits
  • Turbo kit installations
  • Catch cans in new cars
  • Gearbox servicing
  • Exhaust system upgrades
  • Performance chips
  • Diesel & petrol vehicle tuning
  • Dyno tuning
  • Engine rebuilds
  • ECU Remapping
Mechanic — Auto Services in Gympie, QLD
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Auto Repairs — Auto Services in Gympie, QLD
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Auto Repairs — Auto Services in Gympie, QLD
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Logbook Service

Logbook service at Gympie Diesel & Dyno is not only affordable and thorough, your new car warranty is also 100% safe here. We make sure that every single thing is done exactly as your vehicle manufacturer recommended.
Logbook servicing is the key to maintaining optimal performance in your vehicle over time. You’ll be impressed with our work and you’ll be pleased to know you won’t pay dealer prices for it.
Dyno Tuning — Auto Services in Gympie, QLD

Dyno Tuning

Our high-tech Dynamometer is responsible for accurate diagnostics and precision tuning. It’s sought by motorists throughout the Wide Bay Burnett, Cooloola and Sunshine Coast regions.
This state-of-the-art Dyno Tuning is a game-changer for both super-fast diagnostics and performance tuning.
We currently have appointments available for Dyno Tuning. Please call today and claim your spot on our Dyno Tuning schedule.

Performance Upgrades

Performance matters. If your vehicle is found wanting when it comes to road-handling, fuel economy, torque, or responsiveness, it’s time for a change.
Our mechanics will be able to provide you with a quote for their recommendations to improve your vehicle’s performance.
Sometimes modifications need to be tied to other upgrades. Obviously, when your vehicle is about to get more power to its wheels, your tyres, brakes and suspension will be impacted. But otherwise, there are many performance upgrades that can be done on their own. This means you can get other performance upgrades done later when your budget allows.
From turbo kits to fuel pumps and injectors, to upgraded suspension and exhaust systems, we can help you with every kind of performance upgrade.
Call us at Gympie Diesel & Dyno today to find out more.

Suspension service

Suspension servicing is one of our specialities at Gympie Diesel & Dyno.
Driving big distances is all but unavoidable for residents in South East Queensland. And our roads are demanding, to say the least, on a vehicle’s suspension.
Aftermarket suspension upgrade is an option that delivers great results. Tough Dog is hard to beat for quality suspension parts—great performance and outstanding value for money.
At our Gympie auto workshop your suspension system can be transformed. You’ll enjoy a smoother ride that is safe and certain, with improved handling and road-holding.
Call us at Gympie Diesel & Dyno to arrange a quote on your suspension.

General Mechanics

At Gympie Diesel & Dyno, you can get anything you want… for your vehicle. We can rebuild your engine, or change your oil. You can have your suspension improved, or have a new turbo kit added to boost your diesel performance.
After more than 50 years in Gympie, working on every imaginable vehicle, we can offer outstanding expertise and our well-equipped workshop to help you get the most from your 4WD or other petrol or diesel vehicle.
Call Gympie Diesel & Dyno today and book your vehicle in for anything you want.