Dyno tuning in Gympie

Book your vehicle in for precision diagnostics and peak performance, thanks to our Dynamometer. At Gympie Diesel & Dyno, we use a 4WD/AWD Lowboy 450 Chassis Dynamometer from Dyno Dynamics. Come in for a Dyno Tune and drive away with the kind of performance efficiency that will have you wondering why you didn’t get it done sooner.

Dyno Tuning — Auto Services in Gympie, QLD

Our process

We usually start out listening to any concerns you can share with us about the current condition of your vehicle. We don’t want to lose sight of the issues that may have inspired your interest in wanting attention for your vehicle in the first instance.
Then, it’s on to the Dynamometer. With your vehicle’s driving wheels on the Dyno rollers, we begin testing the engine’s performance under different loads—high speeds, low gear performance, and everything in between.
All results will be available to you. You will see where your vehicle’s performance is lagging and you’ll see where it’s up to scratch. On the diagnostic report, we can show you where your vehicle would benefit from tuning.

Diesel Dyno Tuning

At Gympie Diesel & Dyno, we specialise in diesel tuning, service, and modification.
Our diesel mechanics are experts at fine-tuning performance. But, always keen to take things to the next level, we brought in at great expense, the Dynamometer from Dyno Dynamics.
The Dynamometer goes where mechanics don’t often go—at least, not without much uncalled-for dismantling—to find out how well your diesel is performing and where it might need work.
Your performance expectations are important to us. For example, you might be concerned about fuel efficiency, or perhaps you’re wanting more torque to deal with heavy loads. We would then focus performance tuning to address those concerns of yours.
If you need to ratchet up your vehicle’s towing power, or improve its handling, we can do it. Come in for Dyno Tuning and what you’ll achieve is getting your diesel running as close to your expectations as possible.
4WD and AWD vehicles can be tested on the Dyno. Call to learn more or simply to secure a booking for your vehicle at Gympie Diesel & Dyno.

Tuning & Modifications

Dyno tuning is a diagnostic process. Tuning makes your car as efficient as possible, but performance modifications take it up a notch. Based on engine performance and your expectations, we’ll recommend a few modifications when they’re appropriate.

If you’re already interested in modding your vehicle. We can dyno if before and after the upgrades to show you the difference. Aftermarket parts change up the engine system, so tuning helps everything work in harmony.

Performance matters. We’re here to keep your car in the best shape it can be. From off-roading and travelling to racing or cruising, you want the best out of your vehicle. Our dyno tuning service ensures you’re working with the right info from the start.


Drive at your peak

Why drive at less than optimal performance?
At Gympie Diesel & Dyno, we’ll give your vehicle the opportunity to live up to its potential.
We provide high-tech dyno tuning for residents in Gympie, Sunshine Coast, Maryborough, Cooloola, Wide Bay Burnett, and surrounding areas.