Performance upgrades in Gympie

Performance is everything. If you’re keen for a performance upgrade to your vehicle, you’ve come to the experts. We are no strangers to working with high-performance vehicles.
In our more than 50 years in business at Gympie Diesel & Dyno, we’ve modified, upgraded, and enhanced countless diesel and petrol vehicles.

performance upgrades

Gympie Diesel & Dyno is your source for performance upgrades. We stock top brand spares at our workshop, and we’re an official dealer for Denso fuel injection parts and accessories. We have fuel injectors, exhaust systems, filters, turbos, tuner chips, suspension parts, and more on hand. Anything we don’t have in stock, we can order for quick delivery. Our experienced team will complete the installation professionally and affordably.

We do a range of performance upgrades for most passenger vehicles around today. This includes:

  • Fuel pump modifications and upgrades
  • Ecu re-mapping
  • Exhausts systems
  • Turbo upgrades
  • Performance chips
  • Performance tunes
  • Intake manifold upgrades
  • Intercoolers
  • Boost controllers

When it comes to performance upgrades and parts, Gympie Diesel & Dyno is a one-stop-shop. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you might have about upgrades and sprare parts.

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Turbo kit installation

We specialise in turbo kit installations. Our mechanics have installed hundreds of them on diesel and petrol vehicles of all kinds.
We source and install DTS turbo kits and performance chips. We also add accessories such as Bogaard Turbo Timers.



A Roo Systems Touring & Towing ECU Remap is the perfect all-rounder should you tow a caravan, boat, work trailer or anything else. Roo Systems Offers more power and torque where you need it most, improving the drivability of your vehicle!

The Touring & Towing Remap is our biggest seller that comes with Roo Systems 5-year unlimited kilometre warranty, 30 Day money back guarantee.

Tough Dog suspension

Tough Dog suspension makes for a better ride—on-road and off-road. We supply and install replacement suspension parts, as well as upgrade entire suspension systems.
Good quality suspension will improve your vehicle’s handling and keep everyone safer in all driving conditions.
Tough Dog earned its reputation by proving that its shock absorbers and springs can prevail, not just under Australian conditions, but under the conditions in at least 28 other countries in which they are distributed.
Call Gympie Diesel & Dyno today for a quote on Tough Dog suspension for your vehicle.

Engine additives & fluids

Engine additives, including the best Castrol oils, should not be overlooked when it comes to what your vehicle needs to maintain high performance.
Make sure your vehicle is running on the best engine oils and fluids. Book a service appointment at Gympie Diesel & Dyno.